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Tech Information

You will receive an email the night before with links for the next days activities - there will be a different zoom link for each session.


When you click on the link you will be in a waiting room - our host will admit you to the zoom session! This may take a few minutes. You will also remain muted for most of the session time while the guest is speaking to reduce any unexpected background noise. The guest may unmute campers during the session to hear a question, or to listen to a section of the music being practiced as a part of the lesson or ensemble piece.

Our camp sessions will be held on Zoom!


(Many of you will have dealt with this already because of school)

If you are new to Zoom you might want to check it out and test out

your video & audio settings

before camp.

02Artboard 30.png
02Artboard 32.png
02Artboard 31.png

To get the best sound quality when you are playing your instrument:


You must enable original sound, to make sure Zoom isn’t filtering the sound from your instrument.


3. Click the Advanced button in the bottom right corner

1. Click the arrow beside the Mute button in the bottom left corner

2. Select Audio Settings


4. Click "Show in meeting option to 'Enable Original Sound' from microphone"

5. Click "Suppress Persistent Background Noise" and change to "Disable"

6. Click "Suppress Intermittent Background Noise" and change to "Disable"

Also! Try not to sit too close to the microphone when playing your instrument, so it can pick up your sound but not be overwhelmed by the volume.

To get the best connection:

  • Try to be as close as possible to the internet modem in your house

  • Try to minimize the number of other people using the internet at the same time

To ask


  • You can open a chat window by clicking CHAT in the middle of the bottom bar. You can use this at any time during the session to type out your questions, and the guest will answer all questions in the allotted time at the end



  • Have headphones ready and available for each day

  • Have the charging cable for your device nearby or already plugged in

2Artboard 20@300x-8.png

We’re all trying our best to use this technology!


Patience and understanding are so important when getting used to a new way to make music together. 

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